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"I do"

These two meaningful words are used across the globe to unite two beings, two hearts, two souls. This pledge, which resonates with people from all backgrounds, requires unparalleled organizing skills to become reality. A wide variety of aspects must be meticulously thought out and orchestrated in order to make this moment a truly memorable souvenir. Le Bridal Booth - Luxury Edition was created to ensure these essential details are well taken care of.

The vision

Nowadays, the cost of a wedding commonly reaches several thousand dollars. Many couples give up tying the knot to avoid debt or because they are unable to fulfill their ideal vision of this day.


Le Bridal Booth - Luxury Edition offers an accessible alternative that allows each and everyone to create a unique ceremony.

How we stand out

Modern-day weddings have become increasingly diverse. Whether you and your partner are of different faiths, of same-sex, advanced in age or whether you have already been married, Le Bridal Booth - Luxury Edition will provide you with a turnkey concept in a sumptuous setting while maintaining a very personal touch.


The ceremony highlights:


· the groom (or the bride) enthusiastically awaiting his soul mate

· the glint in the loved one’s eye, dressed in majestic attire

· the values and traditions rooted in each person and each couple

· a token of love in the presence of selected guests

· a unique moment of pure magic


Many couples allocate most of their wedding budget for the reception. Le Bridal Booth - Luxury Edition proposes a fresh approach: to prioritize the ceremony and minimize the time and effort required on your part.


The visionary


Yves-Line Brunache  |  Founder & owner

From 2005 to 2014, Yves-Line was co-owner of an event company specializing in wedding planning. She distinguished herself in Montreal, in the United States as well as worldwide. Her expertise is only surpassed by her creativity.


Yves-Line believes marriage is simultaneously a choice, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to proclaim your love and commitment. It is the desire to build a lifelong partnership, to love and support each other despite all obstacles.

The emphasis on the sacred nature of the ceremony is what sets her apart. After all, the purpose of marriage is the sealing of commitment that goes on during the ceremony.

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